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The Belhaven University RN to BSN online degree program is designed to provide you, a practicing registered nurse holding an associate degree or diploma in nursing, the opportunity to earn a BSN degree online, while continuing to serve those in your community. The RN to BSN online program will equip you with advanced knowledge of nursing concepts including management and leadership, community health, and research. Additionally, this online degree program will provide you with a pathway to graduate study in nursing.

Because you are a registered nurse, you will be able to complete an online nursing degree (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), in twelve months. So, if you currently hold an unencumbered license to practice as a registered nurse and are interested in pursuing the RN to BSN online degree program at Belhaven University, please contact to ensure you are eligible to apply.


Admission Information

Admission to Belhaven University’s RN to BSN online program is competitive and enrollment is limited.  The School of Nursing Admission Committee encourages all candidates to submit their application as early as possible to allow for adequate processing time.  Only applicants who submit complete applications are considered for acceptance into the program. It is the responsibility of the student to assure that their admissions files are complete.

Application for admission to the Nursing Program is a separate process from application to Belhaven University.  However, in order to apply for admission to the nursing program, one must also be admitted to Belhaven.  Students must complete the general education and pre-requisite courses prior to applying for admission to nursing program.

Acceptance of admission to Belhaven University does not guarantee admission to the Nursing program.

If you have any questions about admission, please contact us at 407-804-1424 or

  1. COMPLETE the APPLICATION for Admission.


    All of the components below will be evaluated as part of the admission decision. An application is considered complete when the student meets the following criteria:

    • Has graduated from a NLNAC/ACEN or nationally accredited nursing program at a regionally accredited college or university (which included clinical practice nursing courses);
    • Has submitted a complete  application for the RN to BSN by the deadline; for Fall admission, the application deadline is May 1 and for Spring admission, the application deadline is December 1.
    • Has submitted a copy of a current unencumbered license to practice as a registered nurse;
    • Has submitted a resume to, outlining health care interest or experience, campus/community involvement, leadership, employment, etc. by the deadline;
    • Has completed all nursing pre-requisite courses with a minimum of “C” or better in each course and a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 on 4.00 scale; and
    • Has been admitted to Belhaven University.


    • A veteran who wishes to be assessed for military credit or who will use veteran benefits must submit a copy of Form DD214 and/or DD295 to Belhaven University.

    Current tuition for all undergraduate courses is $395 per credit hour. If you need additional courses in addition to the RN-BSN program requirements, your tuition rate will be the same - $395 per credit hour. Our RN-BSN students that work at one of our partner medical facilities will receive a 20% discount on all undergraduate courses; therefore, with the scholarship, the tuition rate will be $316 per credit hour.

Program Per Credit Tuition
 33 hours/13 courses
$395.00 $13,035.00
All Undergraduate Courses $395.00
RN to BSN students at partner organizations
 33 hours/13 courses
$316.00 $10,428.00
RN to BSN students living in MS $316.00 $10,428.00


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