BSM with Information Technology Management for Business Leaders Concentration

Students completing this concentration will have a more complete understanding of technological solutions for business enterprises, be able to conduct gap analysis in the technology space of their business, and knowledgeably acquire hardware, software, and personnel as needed. Students will also gain an understanding of the inherent risks and threats introduced by technology in the workplace and be able to design processes to address them.

Belhaven's Bachelor of Science in Management, is ideal for adults who want to focus on management and leadership in business, health care, government, education, and a variety of other organizations. The curriculum emphasizes the roles of leaders in the workplace and includes courses in communication, research based decision-making, business law, human resources, marketing, computer applications, and business fundamentals.


Curriculum Summary

Course # Course Name Credits
BUS 395 Management Research Methods 3
BUS 304 Business Communication 3
BUS 309 Business Computer Applications 3
BUS 320 Introduction to Marketing 3
BUS 406 Finance and Accounting for Managers 3
BUS 326 Principles of Management 3
BUS 362 Human Resources 3
BUS 414 Business Law 3
BUS 418 Business Ethics 3
ECO 407 Economics 3
BUS 420 International Business 3
BUS 412 Organizational Behavior 3
BUS 360 Operations Management 3
BUS 419 Business Policy 3
WVC 401 Kingdom Life 3
Core 45
General Ed 40
Electives 39
Total 124

IT Management for Business Leaders Concentration:

Course # Course Name Credits
BUS 331 Data Management and Analytics for Business Leaders 3
BUS 332 Information Technology Acquisitions, Gap Analysis, and Finance 3
BUS 333 Information Technology Security for Leaders 3
BUS 334 Case Studies in Technology Leadership for Business 3
Total Electives 12