Graduate Certificate in Human Resources

The Graduate Certificate in Human Resources allows students to look into and experience the field of Human Resources. The graduate human resources classes will have a heavy focus on the study and application of human resource principles. Experienced and knowledgeable faculty teach students from a Christian worldview on current issues such as:

  • Studying an overview of human resource management (including issues relating to training, assessments, compensation, recruitment, dismissal and regulatory requirements)
  • Examining practices to support employee development and motivation
  • Exploring training and organization development (including intervention strategies, employee empowerment, and organization transformation and strategic change)
  • Overviewing compensation and benefits (including developing a total compensation philosophy, design and implement a total rewards system, job analysis, job evaluation, job descriptions, compensation law, employee benefits, government mandated benefits and employer-sponsored benefits)

Graduate Certificate in Human Resources
Curriculum Summary

Choose 3 of the following courses to complete the online human resources certificate program:

Course Number Course Name Credits
MSL660 Current Issues in Human Resources 3
MSL661 HR Employee Relations 3
MSL662 HR Compensation and Benefits 3
MSL663 Issues and Innovations in Human Resources 3