Graduate Certificate in Health Administration

The Graduate Certificate in Health Administration is an excellent option for students with a graduate business degree and are interested in the field of Health Administration. These graduate health administration classes allow students to examine, through the guidance of experienced faculty, the field of Health Administration and all courses are taught from a Christian worldview. The courses provide a focused study of issues within the complex world of healthcare including:

  • Exploring current issues and trends in the health care system (including health care reform and social media in health care)
  • Examining key trends impacting the nation’s health care organizations
  • Looking at financial administration and financial operations theory, principles, and concepts as they relate to health care financial decision-making (including finance and budgeting methods and accountability)
  • Studying the legal environment from a health care management perspective (including topics such as the basic structure of the court system and the general legal responsibilities and liabilities of health care organizations)
  • Studying how to achieve quality with the structure and relationships of the complex system of a health care organization (including systems thinking, improving and managing process change, performance measurement, as well as real-life examples and case studies)

Graduate Certificate in Health Administration Curriculum Summary

Choose 3 of the following courses to complete the online health care certificate program:

Course Number Course Name Credits
MHA608 Current Issues and Trends in Health Administration 3
MHA643 Health Care Finance and Budgeting 3
MHA646 Legal and Regulatory Environment for Health Care 3
MHA668 Health Care Quality Management 3